sri investing

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Our Approach

Choate Investment Advisors has been working with families and foundations for over a decade to align investment portfolios with individual values and missions. We offer our clients a sophisticated process of exclusion, proactive investment, and active engagement with companies by shareholders.

We are global investors and understand that sustainable, responsible and impact investing (“SRI”) can enhance a portfolio’s performance over time. Our open architecture allows us to assess the full range of investment opportunities for our clients, selecting those we believe offer the best financial and social returns. Our experienced investment team listens carefully to clients to understand their unique financial situation and goals. Working together, we develop a customized, integrated investment plan to achieve those goals as efficiently as possible with minimized risk.

SRI investing encompasses a wide spectrum of criteria and definitions, and may be referred to by many terms, including:

  • socially responsible investing
  • socially conscious investing
  • ethical investing
  • environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) investing
  • impact investing

In the United States, assets invested in SRI strategies have expanded 76% between 2012 and 2014 As the universe of opportunities has grown, our portfolios have evolved to incorporate a broad range of sustainable, responsible, and impact investments. Our approach applies the following strategies across bonds, global stocks, and alternative investments.

  • Exclusionary– Companies are excluded from a portfolio based on specific criteria, which often include weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and nuclear power.
  • Proactive– Portfolios are built around focused investments in sustainable and responsible businesses.
  • Activist– In addition to utilizing exclusion and proactive investment approaches, activist managers also engage with companies in the hope of positively influencing corporate decision making around ESG issues.
  • Thematic– Targeted investments have a focused concentration in sectors such as clean energy and workplace diversity.
  • Impact– Portfolios are very targeted investments, typically in private markets or those markets underserved by traditional capital markets, such as community investments.